Artist Introduction: flow7nake

The anonymous fløw7nåke’s early impressions of the Berlin underground scene completely changed his perspective on music. After years of musical output as a drummer, he decided to start producing his own electronic music, and leave his acoustic instruments behind. After hearing the track “Marionette” from Mathew Jonson for the first time, fløw7nåke decided to purchase a drum machine and a synthesizer the following week to recreate this track, which is – as an homage – still part of his live sets today. Quickly getting hooked on sequencing complex and evolving electronic sounds, the artist started building his own tracks on analogue hardware. Early attempts of improvisational sets started to embody themselves into full live performances capturing interested ears around Berlin. With time, his sound would evolve to become harder, faster, more industrial and more abstract. Drawing parallels from his past as a jazz and metal drummer, the artist’s music is rhythm orientated with the added flavour of trance-inducing textures. Exploring his penchant for experimental and academic music, he is constantly incorporating diverse elements of musical concepts and is never afraid to push the envelope when it comes to creating hard hitting but groovy beats for the night club. Make sure to check out fløw7nåke’s feature on our latest podcast!

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