Sonic Ground Podcast #005 – anoserica

The 5th instalment of our podcast series brings a psychedelic and groovy hour of techno from our resident duo @anoserica.

Smart acid lines, psychedelia infused driving rhythms and groovy modular bleep hooks are perfect examples of the sound behind the Sonic Ground artist duo, anoserica. To achieve their signature touch, the pair decided to play completely on hardware instruments without any prepared loops – just as they do in their club performances.

Sonic Ground Podcast #004 – crouds

For their Sonic Ground podcast, crouds have cooked up a one-hour improvised live set, feeding from the experience of their last three live performances played in and around Shanghai in November this year. This podcast also includes live-remixes of unreleased and about-to-be-released tracks, showcasing the duo’s artistic evolution during the last few months.


Artist Introduction – Crouds

Next up in our resident artist introduction series, we proudly present the Berlin-based live techno duo crouds. The project was founded by Andreas Schuller and Jay Nagel in 2017 based on their similar artistic idea of creating improvised performances of electronic club music. Before joining forces, both have been producing and performing live sets on their own. Andreas has been hosting events in his hometown Munich, including his latest and biggest one in early 2019, the Sonic Ground Festival for electronic live music. Jay’s background in experimental music composition enabled him to travel abroad multiple times as artist in residency, leading to an extended network and collaborations with local artists in Latin America and Asia.

When combining their experience on stage, crouds are presenting a wide spectrum of genres, ranging from house influenced slow-burners to psychedelic hard hitters with a recent interest in broken, layered percussion patterns. While always preserving the flow, the mood during a set can change drastically if the crowd is in sync – with unexpected turns willingly provoked.

During their performances, Andreas is working his modular system playing basslines and sequences, while Jay is responsible for polyphonic sounds and percussion grooves. They are driven by continuously refining their setup that underwent numerous iterations in the past few years.


In the last couple of years, the duo has performed in well-established locations such as Mensch Meier (Berlin), Harry Klein (Munich) and 44KW (Shanghai) but their affinity to play smaller venues to create an intimate atmosphere is as big as ever.

When it comes to production and sound-design they combine heavily processed field recordings, analogue synthesizers and hard-hitting drums resulting in their signature driving and psychedelic straight and broken techno.

Their debut album ‘Cabin Pressure’ will be released on Neuzeit later this month: a well-crafted fusion of melancholia and strong dance-floor oriented drum patterns.

Also make sure to check out crouds’ newest set, as they provide us with a great fourth installment of Sonic Ground’s Podcast!



Sonic Grounds first Club Event at Griessmühle Berlin!

2020 is rapidly approaching and we will start the year right off with our very first club event at Griessmühle.

BODEN will (you might have guessed it) revolve around live performed techno and will feature well established live veteran Redshape alongside many Sonic Ground artists. Get involved and join us at 15. January to celebrate Sonic Ground’s club kickoff!



Artist Introduction: flow7nake

The anonymous fløw7nåke’s early impressions of the Berlin underground scene completely changed his perspective on music. After years of musical output as a drummer, he decided to start producing his own electronic music, and leave his acoustic instruments behind. After hearing the track “Marionette” from Mathew Jonson for the first time, fløw7nåke decided to purchase a drum machine and a synthesizer the following week to recreate this track, which is – as an homage – still part of his live sets today. Quickly getting hooked on sequencing complex and evolving electronic sounds, the artist started building his own tracks on analogue hardware. Early attempts of improvisational sets started to embody themselves into full live performances capturing interested ears around Berlin. With time, his sound would evolve to become harder, faster, more industrial and more abstract. Drawing parallels from his past as a jazz and metal drummer, the artist’s music is rhythm orientated with the added flavour of trance-inducing textures. Exploring his penchant for experimental and academic music, he is constantly incorporating diverse elements of musical concepts and is never afraid to push the envelope when it comes to creating hard hitting but groovy beats for the night club. Make sure to check out fløw7nåke’s feature on our latest podcast!

Sonic Ground Podcast #003 – flow7nake

Descending into darker spheres, fløw7nåke blesses our third podcast with a rebellious liveset. Pulsating Kick breaks team up with gritty percussions to put the deep and gloomy synths into their prefered space and convey an especially sinister experience when
combined with the full video edit of fløw7nåke’s live performance at Night Embassy Berlin.

As per usual, the podcast is also available on soundcloud.

Artist introduction: Huellkurve

Huellkurve, the unequivocal duo from Berlin is a live techno act consisting of Kay- Uwe von Kiedrowski and Arne Janz.
In the early 90s, Kay-Uwe became addicted to electronic music and spent most of his nights dancing in Berlin’s techno clubs, which pushed him to start DJing at parties in his home village Werder and in smaller clubs in Potsdam.
Arne – a good ten years younger, jokingly calling Kay as grandpa – used to live in the sleepy Einbeck at that time and was a teenager experimenting with psychedelic rock with his electric guitar. His attention, however was already focused on the trippier and broken sound of goa and drum and bass.
In 2002 Arne, now living in Potsdam, moved into his first studio, while Kay – whose studio was in the same building – just moved out. They met by chance in the hall and started chatting about music – they immediately found each other sympathetic, arranged to jam and from then on played together in a kraut-rock band until 2008.
During this time they increasingly began to integrate effect devices into their setup to bend the sounds of classical instruments into psychedelic textures. These elements mixed with fat bass and a driving percussion are major elements in the tracks of their current project Huellkurve.
In the years following the break-up of the kraut-rock project in 2008, the two have largely lost sight of each other and independently discovered synthesizers and the associated possibilities of sound generation through subtractive synthesis.
After an accidental meeting in 2016 they’ve decided – driven by the euphoria of reunion and their fascination for hardware synthesizers – to meet again for a jam and to go on a musical discovery journey like in the past – Huellkurve was born. Their first performance followed in 2017 at an open stage in Berlin.
In the beginning, they mainly played ‘heavy ambient’ in the form of classical concerts. In the course of time, however, they increasingly developed their sound towards the dance floor, where they now interweave their exclusively self-produced tracks and sound fragments into live sets.
Huellkurve sees itself as a techno formation whose concept is to play live without the use of computers. They exclusively use hardware synthesizers, sequencers, and effect devices, which leads to an enormous amount of equipment but also allows them to access all sound parameters directly at any time as well as to interact with the audience in a special way.
They are constantly on an acoustic voyage, producing new sounds and tracks they then use as a framework for their live sets – arranging them differently and interpreting them live. Stylistically they move somewhere between techno and electro, mixed with trance and house elements, flavoured with a pinch of acid.


Make sure to check out the newest track from Huellkurve on Soundcloud:

Sonic Ground at Night Embassy Berlin

Starting at September 20, Ghost, I x No Start No End will host a two week long residency for the Night Embassy Berlin. Each uniquely themed day provides a rich cultural program, ranging from workshops to art exhibitions and musical presentations. The events will take place in a new, custom designed venue in the heart of Kreuzberg.

Crouds, flow7nake, h1, huellkurve and numpad will represent Sonic Ground and contribute handcrafted livesets to the Night Embassy program during the two weeks.

Check upcoming gigs for more details on the individual themes and dates.

Artist introduction: numpad

Starting off our artist introduction series, we put the spotlight on the two minds behind numpad!


Both coming from the picturesque city of Ulm in south Germany, Julian S. and Sebastian W. formed the now Berlin based live project NUMPAD in 2014. From the beginning, there was a vision in their minds of playing live electronic music instead of just spinning records. With the purchase of a first hardware synthesizer, both the outline of today’s project and the obsession for these machines loomed.
In August 2015 NUMPAD had their debut in a small Berlin club at Rummelsburger Bucht. Initially they played hybrid sets consisting of their own productions and tracks of artists they liked.
A few gigs in Berlin’s underground music scene followed. When they were invited to play the LIVE-Festival for electronic live music in Munich in January 2017, they decided to play a set consisting only of their own productions. This was also their first introduction to fully improvised live electronic music.
Inspired by the creative freedom, they decided to evolve into a completely improvised act from then on.
J. as a drummer and D’n’B enthusiast takes care of percussion and sub-bass arrangements using a computer and a hardware sequencer, while S. is mainly focused on more melodic content and abstract polyrhythmic events served from his modular system. The improvisational character of their performances enables them to thoroughly engage and interact with the given atmosphere.
Each set is a new journey into unknown territories for both of them. A process of constantly creating, listening, revising and optimizing. Both their engineering background as well as their deep passion for and insatiable interest in this music and the technology behind it, enable the two to constantly critically analyze themselves and further develop their ideas.
Classic Detroit rave stabs, wide ambient pads or bustling breakbeats can always be found amidst air-cutting percussion and enthralling dark synth lines. From squelching acid to cinematic soundscapes their sound, as diverse as their musical influences and taste, always invites the listener into a vivid sound experience.


Check out numpad‘s newest endeavor, as they are featured on Halle’s well established music and culture network Station Endlos on their podcast #035 with a full 90 minute performance of pounding techno improvisation: