They perform live techno – completely improvised and without a computer.

As early child percussionists, rhythm and groove have been an identifying driver for both artists. Growning up in Berlin, they’ve been greatly influenced by the Berlin club and music culture. Having started out playing at Open Airs, the pair has slowly progressed into playing in clubs and bigger venues.

anoserica aims to play dark, melodic, groovy and driving techno with an emphasis on a hypnotising symbiosis of artist and audience. To achieve this, the pair decided to play completely on hardware instruments without any prepared loops.

“We improvise on the spot to be able to interact with the tension, atmosphere and groove of the set.”

Their ever evolving and changing set of instruments is composed of synthesizers, drum-machines, modular racks and samplers.

“Right now we’ve both been bitten by the Eurorack bug…”